First Choice Health Company LLC is an independent insurance agency that sells insurance in all 50 US states, including DC. Insurance quotes appearing on our website are non-binding. While we have done our best to ensure all rates shown are accurate, human error is possible. In the rare event of a pricing mistake, the carrier’s rates will always supersede whatever price appears on our website.

Not all products are available in all states. Product eligibility for each of the carriers varies depending on the following factors: resident state of the insured, age, and medical underwriting restrictions. All plans with no waiting period require an applicant to be medically approved and are subject to the incontestability period. All guaranteed acceptance plans with no health questions will be subject to the insurer’s defined waiting period before benefits become payable under the policy provisions.

We contract and work with insurance companies available through First Choice Health Company LLC: AIG, Americo, Accendo Life Insurance Company (Aetna), Great Western, Mutual of Omaha (United of Omaha), Prosperity Life Group.

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